Saturday, January 31, 2015

Run Five: Me...anxious to exercise?

My run today started later than we planned, but it went very well. I leveled up to the Week 2 plan -- 90 seconds of running alternating with 2 minutes of walking -- and it went very well. 

My goal for the run today was to run all of one of the 90 second running intervals and at least 60 seconds of the rest. (There are a total of six.) I totally made this goal: I ran all of two of them, all but seven seconds of two (and boy was I ticked when I checked my app and saw how close I'd come), and just a little over sixty seconds of the other two. 

One of these days, I won't be be
setting "best pace & distance" records
every day. And I'll be sad.
I felt good the whole time -- no shin pain or any thing else. I had a little bit of a stitch in my side after the last run interval, but it didn't start while I was running and it went away quite quickly, so I don't think it meant anything.

I was looking forward to getting out all day, but we had errands in the morning and were making chili this evening and that's a big project. (It takes both of us working over two hours to get the chili in the pot and simmering.) By the time the chili was going, I was fidgeting and just itching to run. That's kind of a new experience for me. 

I treated myself to a cup of hot cocoa after my run -- apparently it's got the perfect balance of carbs and protein for a post-run snack. An hour and a half or so after that: awesome chili! :D

Next run is scheduled for Monday. Goal for the run -- run all 90 seconds of at least 4 of the running intervals, because darn it,  I was so close today, and at least 60 seconds of the other two. Once again, if I can do all of all of them I'll be overjoyed.

I'll also be overjoyed if I'm as excited to go out on Monday as I was today. :D

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