Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Run Four: Overjoyed!

"Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. Goal for the run: Run all 60 seconds of at least seven of the eight running intervals. (I thought about going for all eight, but decided to keep the goal more achievable in the interest of having fun.) If I can do it without my shins hurting, I'll be extra happy. And I'll be overjoyed if I can do all eight. "     -- from Run Three post
That's how my last post ended.  I ran this afternoon and am now officially "overjoyed" -- I ran all 60 seconds of all eight running intervals. :D I even lost track of how many intervals I'd done, so I wasn't counting down until I was finished.

I am also officially "extra happy" -- my shins didn't hurt at all either.

It was basically awesome, is what it was. I'd been a little worried about going out because it's pretty cold out (wind chills in the teens) but I did and I accomplished something that I honestly didn't think I could do. :D

My shins didn't hurt but my calves are a little crampy, Or sore. I don't know exactly -- this is pretty much outside my body-knowledge as I've never used my muscles like this before. I have always had incredibly tight calf muscles, thick and almost *hard* sometimes. I'm trying to do some stretches (without going crazy) and some massage to see if I can loosen them up and maybe get them happier.

Anyway, back to the awesomeness -- I thought after Saturday that I was going to need one, and quite possibly two, remedial weeks at the week one level (60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking). As it turns out, I'm getting better faster than I would have guessed. This is exciting. Apparently I only needed one remedial *day*. That's so cool!

Unfortunately, I didn't run into any runners to share The Smile with but that's okay.

I went around and around a parking
lot today. But it was all good.

Now I have a quandary: Am I ready to start the week two level (90 seconds running, 90 seconds walking)? Should I do one more at this level so I know today wasn't a fluke? I don't feel like I'm ready for week 2, but maybe I'm just being timid.

Even if I'm not totally ready for it, I'm going to go for it! I mean it's not like I was ready for week one when I started it, right? .

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. Goal for the run: All of at least one of the 90 second running intervals and at least 60 seconds of the rest of them. I can do it. (And if I can't, I'll just try again.)

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