Sunday, February 15, 2015

Food Prepping!

The Ingredients, except I forgot to include a carrot and a bunch of scallions
in the picture.
I'm trying to get in a habit of spending some time on the weekend preparing myself some healthy food to eat during the week. If I have interesting salads chock full of Good Stuff prepared, it's super easy to add one to my lunch. If we have healthful snacks, we'll eat healthful snacks.

I'm trying to get myself set up with a salad for lunches, something to replace the bowl of cereal at breakfast, something to replace a fish, erm, piece the two nights a week (on average) we have fish , and something snacky. These "replacement" foods aim to be lower in calorie and higher in nutrient content (or at least different in nutrient content) than what they're replacing. 

From the ingredients above, I made the following: 

  • Four tofu and soba noodle salads with scallions and carrots. Those are the four mason jars (two half-pints full of fixin's and two pints with fixin's and some salad greens) and four blue-lidded containers in the back. The two smaller containers are supplemental greens for the pint jar sized salads. The greens are mixed salad stuff, baby spinach and arugula.
  • Potato and sweet potato chips -- baked in the oven. (The potato chips are the dark brown ones.) These were experimental and definitely need some tweaking. We cut them a little too thin so they went from Not Chips Yet to Very Brown in a matter of seconds. But it's a nice, tasty snack that's not too difficult. So we'll probably try them again. 
  • Four breakfast wraps (the tinfoil wrapped objects) with spinach, mushrooms, egg, feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. These are now in the freezer -- according to the recipe they get microwaved for four minutes for a tasty hot breakfast. :D
  • Not shown: Tofu and roasted mushrooms for when Patrick and I are having fish. (We get Gorton's Potato Crusted Fish and Gorton's Beer Battered Fish and alternate them.) Replacing one fish piece with a quarter of a block of tofu and a quarter pound of mushrooms, roasted, will save calories, give me a treat that I've been missing (I love tofu and mushrooms) and deprive Patrick of nothing he would enjoy. So it's kind of a win all around. 
Not that it was an entirely successful food-prepping adventure -- I started too late and totally was in the way of Patrick making dinner. The breakfast wraps and salad went really quickly. The *chips* took forever -- next time we'll know to do only one potato instead of three, slice it a little thicker, and begin a little earlier. 

But I now have tasty, tasty food for most of the week. :D 

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