Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Run Ten: Moving On Up

No personal record today. :(
I missed one of the "stop running" cues on the app again today so I wound out messing up the run and walk statistics again (because I was walking during a running time and running in a walking time). I wound out running about 50 seconds more than the 9 minutes expected though, so it's all good. I had to work my way through some tough calf cramps, which wasn't too much fun, but stretching them when I got home may have helped.

Apparently, if a car passes just as the cue sounds, I just don't hear it at all. And my phone's vibrate function isn't very strong, so I don't pick up on the tactile cue. I don't listen to music or wear earbuds while I'm running, so it's not going straight into my ears. 

I need to work on that. 

I'm not too worried about missing signals next week -- with a  couple of five minute long running intervals (and much shorter recovery intervals), I expect that I'll really be pushing to get through the whole time. 

But I've thought that before. 

I didn't do as good this time controlling the exercise-and-cold-induced-asthma and have a nasty cough now. I expect I'll feel better tomorrow. I need to talk with the doctor about this when we go in for physicals in the next few weeks.

I'm looking forward to getting home when it's light out, so I'm not out there running in the dark (with a white jacket on). Saturdays are my day for running when it's actually *day* out, which will be nice. I haven't gotten the Secret Runner Society smile in *weeks* because I never see any other runners -- I'm starting to feel a little more part of the Secret Runner Society and am looking forward to seeing other runners.

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. Goal for the run: Run all of one of the five minute intervals and at least 11 minutes overall (preferably 14 minutes overall, because that would be at least three minutes of all the intervals and five minutes of the one of them). 

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