Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Run Thirteen: Lucky 13!

Still not in Africa. I don't know where
my phone is getting that.
I didn't make my goal for Run Thirteen. My goal for this run was to run all of the running intervals (two three-minute intervals and two five-minute intervals) and two one three and one five at 3.5 miles an hour at least. I did do all of the running time and the first three minute interval I ran at 3.7 mph. After that, though, I couldn't stay above 3.3 mph. Sigh. I touched on 3.5 in the last five minute interval, but couldn't stay there.

I had mentioned that 3.5 miles an hour was a stretch goal, right? I wasn't kidding.

Despite not quite making my goal, it was a good run. I felt good and enjoyed myself. And I don't feel like I'm laboring and struggling -- though that may be a Gift of the Treadmill and not exactly quite real. But I'll take it, because it feels awesome. :D

The treadmill is helping me build up strength in both my legs and my lungs, which is very cool. 

Once again the silent TVs added a level of surreality to the proceedings. But my new running playlist was pretty good -- especially for the first half of the run.

Next run, I'll be starting Week Five of the C25K program. Each of the three runs in Week Five is different and the third one is 20 minutes without a walking break. Eeep! I'm not going to think about that too hard -- it's a week away and I'm trusting the program. My next run is three five minute running intervals, which is actually a minute less than I've been doing this week.

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. Goal for the run: Run all five minutes of all three intervals with one of them (at least) at least 3.5 miles an hour. 

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