Monday, March 30, 2015

Run Thirty: Running with the squirrels!

On the road! I didn't do the hard part of the loop by
the lake, but this side also has some ups and downs.
As I had hoped, the weather was lovely this evening so I ran out in the "real world" instead of at the gym. I didn't have music on, but I did have birdies singing and squirrels running around being terribly cute. That was nice. 

I left off the part of the loop that goes to the lake and has the biggest hills, but even the easier loop has some hills, which continue to throw me for a loop. There was also a fair amount of wind tonight, though I don't know how much difference it was making. Certainly, I felt like I was working a lot harder when I was running into the wind than when I had it behind me.

Anyway, I didn't make my goal for the run (which was to beat my previous best distance on the road, 2.26 miles). I didn't warm up well (while I was walking, I was having technical problems with my phone and earbuds and wound out scrapping the music idea because of it) and that may have made a difference. 

Next time, I'll do better. Maybe I can be inspired by the squirrels and get a bit more of a scamper in my step. 

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. The weather is a little uncertain for Wednesday evening so whether or not I'm going to be at the gym or on the road will probably be a game-time decision. Goal for the run, if on the road: No, seriously, beat that 2.26 miles, darn it. Goal for the run, if at the treadmill: Run for 30 minutes straight, try to beat my best distance (2.31 miles). 

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