Sunday, March 29, 2015

Run Twenty-Nine: 30 minutes!!

I went all 30 minutes straight!! 
As expected, I was on the treadmill again today. I didn't push the pace too much, because I wanted to actually go for all 30 minutes straight, which is why I'm just a smidge shy of my best distance.

I had the idea this morning that maybe I was going too fast during my warm-up walking -- so I wasn't getting really warmed up properly. As I was warming up (at a nice steady 3 mph), I decided to start slow and finish fast rather than starting with my highest pace and getting worn out too soon. I went 3.5 mph for 25 minutes, on the grounds that I knew I could do it already. Then I finished at 3.8 mph for five minutes, on the grounds that I knew I could do that as well. 

Which totally worked. :D :D 

Having done that, now I can work on getting faster. Of course, when I get out on the road again, I'm going to be working my way up to 30 minutes straight all over again. 

That might be Monday, to be honest -- weather forecasts indicate that it should be 60F and quite pleasant when we get home from work. I'm really hoping so -- this winter has been dragging on (today felt more like mid-January than late March).

Next run is scheduled for Monday. Assuming I'll be outside, my goal for the run is to run as much as possible and beat my last outside distance, which was 2.26 miles.

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