Monday, March 9, 2015

Run Twenty-One: On the Road Again!

On the road again -- hills and pavement and
just wow! 
The weather was spectacularly nice today and, with Daylight Savings Time having started the sun is still up when we get home from work. So I decided to run on the actual *road* rather than going to the gym to the treadmill. Which meant that everything I had as a goal for the run went right out the window.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about how this run today went -- I didn't even come *close* to running for all 25 minutes. Not even close. I'm not sure I even ran 10 minutes all at a stretch. On the other hand, I clearly didn't do too bad on the pace overall. I mean, 1.96 miles is my best distance and even beat the day when the distance was artificially boosted. 

I certainly felt like I was running faster, except when I was going uphill and it felt like I was barely moving at all. My legs feel like I did when I was really pushing the pace (all the way up to 3.8 mph) a few days ago.  

So I think it went well, though it's definitely a bit of a comeuppance to have gone from "25 minutes, Yay!" to "I'm dying!" But I'm dying with actual hills and roads and the whole deal. So okay. 

I did pass a couple of runners while I was running and got the Secret Runner Society Smile. That made me feel pretty good. :D 

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. It's supposed to be raining, so I figure I'll be on the treadmill again. The plan is 25 minutes, no breaks. Goal for the run: Run 25 minutes, with no breaks. I want to try and start with 5 minutes of 3.5 mph and end with 5 minutes of 3.5 mph and stay above 3.1 mph the whole time. Stretch goal is to have a kick of speed up to 3.7 for the last minute (or two). 

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