Saturday, April 18, 2015

Run Thirty-Eight: Almost there...

Missed a best distance by 0.01 mile. Darn it!! 
I was back on the road today and it was good -- I missed a best distance by one one-hundredth of a mile. Even if I'd made that, I would have missed best pace by a few seconds. All of which means is that it was a good run -- about as good as my last one but not better.

Which is more or less what I felt as I was running -- it was a good run on a very nice day. I did get uncomfortably winded early and never really recovered (and I can still feel the run in my lungs). That's not actually true -- by the end of the run, I was feeling pretty good again and could have run more but we were having chili for dinner and it was nearly ready. It was time to go home. 

Next run is scheduled for Monday. I have no idea what the weather is supposed to be like so I don't know if I'm likely to be inside or on the road. Goal for the run, if outside: I want a best pace and distance and I think I can do it, darn it! I can totally do it! Goal for the run, if inside: The same program I laid out last time - Run for as long as possible at 4 miles per hour, then adapt and see how much I can do after that.

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