Thursday, April 9, 2015

Run Thirty-four: Lowering the Bar a tad

A better showing than expected given how much I walked.
When I set my goals for today's run, I wasn't thinking very clearly. I knew my husband and I were going to an evening baseball game but totally forgot what that would mean as far as getting home late, sleeping very little, and being super-tired the next day. It was actually a little worse than normal, because there was an hour rain delay so the game started late. We got home around midnight and had to get up for work around 5am.

The net result of all of this is I'm even more tired tonight than I was on Tuesday. 

So I didn't push myself too hard, but I didn't totally relax either. I walked about 15 minutes, but I walked at 3.5 mph, so I wasn't going slower than I would have been. I also ran for 16 minutes at 3.7 mph. I might have sped up for the last five minutes, but I can't remember for sure. 

I tried to start running sooner than I did, but my calves were cramping pretty badly. So I just kept walking. 

I signed up for an online drawing class and watched one of the videos while I was running -- it was a 31 minute video (which is why I went for 31 minutes instead of my usual 30). It made the time pass incredibly quickly, but I had to kind of lower my head too much to see the video on my phone and I didn't like what it did to my form. I have to explore how I can watch the lesson videos at eye level. 

Anyway -- I didn't make any of my goals for today's run, but I did actually run and I only missed my best treadmill distance by six one-hundredths of a mile. Which for a day when I was on fumes all day, I'll take and actually be pleased with.

Edited to add: I totally forgot last night to put in my goals for my next run (a sign of how tired I was). Next run is scheduled for Saturday. So are a whole lot of errands and getting new tires on the car. If I can get out for my run before dark, I'll likely be outside as the weather is supposed to be nice. If I'd be going out after dark, I'll go to the gym. Goal for the run, if outside: beat my last at-home outside distance (2.44 miles). Goal for the run, if on the treadmill: I want to see if I can do any sort of sustained time at 4.0 mph, which would be my best speed ever!

Goal for between now and my run -- get rested up so I've got energy for a good run. 

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