Monday, April 20, 2015

Run Thirty-Nine: Rocked it on the treadmill!! :D

Best treadmill ever!! :D 
I could probably have been on the road this evening, but we were expecting severe weather and I didn't want to be a mile from home when the storm started (especially as there's a tornado watch going on in these parts). So the treadmill seemed like a much better choice. 

I also wanted to get on the treadmill and see what I could do at 4.0 mph, my best speed ever (achieved the last time I was on the treadmill). My goal for this run was to start out at 4.0 mph and go at that speed for as long as possible, then see what happened from there. As I'd only done five minutes going that fast, that was a good stretch goal. 

I totally rocked that!! I went for ten minutes at 4.0 miles an hour, walked at 3.5 for about 10 minutes, then spent the last 10 minutes running at 4.0 for a bit and walking at 3.5. My average pace overall was over a minute per mile faster than my previous best treadmill time. 

It felt great!! 4.0 miles per hour really did feel much better than any slower speed I've been doing lately. Honestly, I feel like I could maybe go faster even, which is pretty incredible. 

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. The weather is predicted to be pretty dodgy again, so I'm likely to be on the treadmill again. Goal for the run, if on the treadmill: See if I can go even faster than 4.0 miles an hour for any sustained time (I'll say 4.2 mph). Bonus points if I do that after going for at least 15 minutes (at least 10 of that continuous) at 4.0. (If I'm outside, I want to see if I can parlay some of this treadmill awesomeness into going better on the road.)

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