Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Run Thirty-One: That's more like it!!

Best pace and distance!! :D 
Woo-hoo!! That's more like it -- Monday's run was kind of frustrating and a little unsatisfying. Tonight I was on the road again and it was really good -- I did a lot of walking (as I do when on the road) but I still did my best pace and distance. 

I even went along the lake for a little bit and watched a Great Blue Heron flying over the lake. I also watched a Double-Crested Cormorant (I think those are the pretty common ones around here) watching the heron fly past. That actually stopped me in my tracks. 

Then I started running again feeling pretty refreshed even though I only stopped for a few seconds. I love watching herons fly.

Cool run! 

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. I expect that I'll be on the road again. :D Goal for the run: Keep doing better and better! 

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