Saturday, April 4, 2015

Run Thirty-two: New Territory!

I went running first thing this morning in a whole new area (near my parents). Momma was walking and I was running and we kept crossing each other's path.

It was a little drizzly this morning, but plenty warm, so I was happy to be on the road, despite getting damp.

And I got a new "best pace and distance", which makes me super-happy. I didn't feel like I was going along all that well - when I got tired I could feel a little bit of the duckling running coming back (landing on my whole flat foot). As soon as I felt it, I'd shift back up onto my toes, but I had to keep doing that.

Next run would normally be scheduled for Monday, but next week has some craziness (including baseball opening week tickets!)  so its actually scheduled for Tuesday. I have no idea what the weather is supposed to be, so I don't know if I'll be inside or on the road. In either case, my goal is to keep getting better!

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