Saturday, May 30, 2015

Run Fifty-Four: Probably a Best-Best! On the Road

The map is entirely messed up because of
a GPS fail. Definitely my best ever road
run, but I don't have the stats to show it.
I had the most awesome run on the road today -- I run the same route when I'm at home, so I know how far I've gone in the past before I needed to walk and then when I could start again and how far I usually go. This was without question my best run ever on the road. 

Unfortunately, I had a GPS issue during the run, so the map is all messed up. The distance (2.60 miles) is an estimate, based on previous runs and how much farther I went. I can't be certain that this was my Best Run Ever!! but I think it was. 

It certainly felt like my best run ever -- went further, breathed better, had less fatigue in my legs, and generally felt like awesomeness all the way around the loop. 

I loved it! 

I didn't get out until pretty late in the day, because we're on a huge Clean All The Things! binge today. (A couple of weekends of fun in a row has left our place a total mess and we're addressing the problem this weekend.) Fortunately, it was late enough that it had cooled down quite a lot so I was able to go on the road. If I'd gone out in the heat of the day, it would have been to the gym. 

In related news: I'm at the half-way point on my weight loss goal. When I started in January, my weight loss goal was to lose 64 pounds. I have now lost 32 and have 32 more to go. In five months. Not bad. Not bad. :D 

Next run is scheduled for Monday. The weather is supposed to be rainy, so I expect I'll be in the gym. Goal for the run: Beat my last run!! :D It's going to be tough to beat it, but I bet I can.

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