Monday, May 18, 2015

Run Fifty: A milestone!! :D

I had a little bit of a treadmill-operation
fail, but I think my numbers are pretty accurate.
And these numbers definitely match up with
how I felt. :D
If I'd known that this was Run Fifty, I would have tried to kick a little bit more out at the end and get a best pace and distance. As it is, I beat my previous best treadmill pace of 15:38 min per mile, which was awesome. I technically didn't beat my best distance, but my best distance number isn't quite comparable in terms of total time. 

So I did kick out a really good run for Run Fifty! Go me!! :D 

It felt really good too -- even when I was muttering and grumbling at the treadmill I felt light and was running very well. I even kicked out two minutes at my fastest pace (4.5 mph today) for the last two minutes of my running time. That made me happy. 

There was a huge thunderstorm while I was at the gym, but it had mostly stopped by the time I left, so I only got rained on a little bit. But I'm very glad I went to the gym -- I would have been soaked to the bone and out in the lightning and thunder. Not very tempting. 

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. The weather is looking like it should be lovely, so I hope to be on the road again. Yay!! Goal for the run: See if I can match my best pace and distance on the road (15:31 mins per mile, 2.58 miles, in 40:05 minutes). Beating it would be even better, but I haven't been on the road in a while. 

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