Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Run Fifty-Three: Twice in a row!! :D

Two bests in a row!! :D :D Happy dance! 
Two best pace-best distance runs in a row!! It's like best squared. :D Of course, I'm just nibbling away at it a hundredth of a mile at a time. 

But hey, I'll take it. And the aggregate is pretty cool -- a slow but steady improvement. Not that I wouldn't love a big, noticeable jump. I would totally love to have some great big leap in performance. 
I might get one after I speak to an allergist next week (one of the topics on the agenda is the exercise-induced asthma).

Even if I don't get a big jump, continual slow improvement works pretty well too. :D Right now at this stage in my life, what's most important is that I'm having fun running (which I am). If I'm enjoying it, I'll keep doing it. And if I keep doing it, I'll keep getting better and healthier. That's way more important in the long run than how fast I improve. 

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. The weather report has been inconsistent (some say rain, some don't). I expect whether I'm inside or out will depend on how early I get out as it's been hot and muggy here -- so either I get out early when it's still nice or I go to the gym. Either way the goal for the run is to get another best-best. :D 

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