Saturday, May 16, 2015

Run Forty-Nine: Awesome-ish. By the right definition...

Still a little hurty about the shins from hiking
in the mountains. Didn't do too bad.
My shins have been a little hurty from hiking for the past two days -- and two days of getting out and doing lots of things hasn't really helped it much. We went up to the top of the highest mountain in Shenandoah National Park, which necessarily requires coming back down. I think it was the down hills that got my shins. Note, please, that I'm not complaining -- my knees don't hurt at all and in the Before Jogging Time they were not fun going downhill. 

Anyway, we did a lot of walking today at a neat market in D.C. before I went for my run and my shins were sore. So just getting out and going was a good thing -- not coasting on the seven-plus miles of hiking we did on Wednessday and Thursday as "good enough". 

I was on the treadmill because of a thunderstorm in the area. I did pretty well -- I had to walk more than I have been lately. Partly because of my lungs and partly because of my legs. But I still kept the pace up, kept going back to running when I could, and didn't fall off my best pace by too much at all. I'm pleased. 

Not sure I managed to get to "awesome", which was my goal for the run, but I'm still pleased. 

Next run is scheduled for Monday. I'm very much hoping that my shins won't be hurting any more by then -- though they didn't stop me today and they won't on Monday either. The weather is (prematurely) summery right now, which around here means "hazy, hot, humid, with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms". So I don't know whether I'll be on the treadmill or on the road. It depends on if the thunderstorms are happening here or not. It also depends on how hot it is. Goal for the run, regardless, is to get back to "no hurting shins" pace and distance. 

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