Saturday, May 9, 2015

Run Forty-Seven: Another Best Pace & Distance on the Road! :D

Woot!! Not a huge improvement, but I'll take it!
I didn't get out onto the road until kind of late but when I did, I ran well. Best pace and distance! :D Not by much, but by enough to count. 

*happy dance*

I didn't do my plan of seeing how long it would take me to go 3.1 miles at "go" pace -- because I got off late and I wanted to be home before dinner was ready (which is just about now, so this is going to be a short post). 

I had a nasty calf cramp (like a charley horse in my calf) in the middle of the night last night that woke me up and I can feel them lurking around now that I'm cooling off. But they didn't bother me while I was running, so that's all good. 

Next run is scheduled for Tuesday. Ordinarily it would be Monday, but we have a friend coming over. I don't have any idea if I'll be on the road or the treadmill so my goal is to just keep getting better. And to try and be quick about the run and getting back home -- Tuesday is our anniversary and we have a nice dinner planned. :D

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