Monday, June 1, 2015

Run Fifty-Five: Five Miles an Hour!! And Best-Best! :D

WOWOW!! That average pace beats my best by
almost 20 seconds per mile!! :D 
Wowzers, y'all!! I kicked my best pace in the butt today -- 19 seconds per mile faster than my best pace last Wednesday. That's my biggest improvement ever!! 

I even ran for five miles an hour for a while. Not a long while, mind, maybe a minute or two, but that's the fastest I've ever run. 

Getting better and better!! 

I was on the treadmill today because of really rough weather -- lightning and thunder and incredibly heavy rain. I even got asked by someone outside the gym if a particular cloud was a funnel cloud. (Answer: No, though it might have been indicative of a bit of spinning type energy in the atmosphere.) I managed to leave in a bit of a lull -- rain and lightning in the distance, but home mostly. Then it all broke again once I was secure at home. 

Once I got home, we had some really very lovely Spanish cheeses (with light crackers) for dinner -- Valdeon is a rather astonishing blue, some raw milk Manchego that was lovely, and a very nice fresh goat cheese. I really enjoyed the goat cheese but I think the star of the plate was the Manchego. An excellent capstone to the day -- with beer and drawing yet to come. 

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. I'm not totally sure what the weather's going to be like, so treadmill vs. road is likely to be an in-the-moment decision. Goal for the run, if inside: More at 5 miles an hour because that felt great!! Goal for the run, if on the road: Do at least as well as Saturday, without the GPS fail. Preferably better. 

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