Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Run Fifty-Nine: Injury free on my best road run! :D

Now that's what I'm talking about!! Only a tiny little
bit off a best-best! :D 
My goal for this run was to get a best-best on the road and I came *this* close -- I missed it by 1/100th of a mile. Another classic case of getting a little burned by not obsessing on time or the clock too much while I'm going -- if I'd known how close I was, I'm sure I could have pushed out a little bit more to go those extra few steps. 

Still, I didn't hurt myself and I did kick my previous road best of 2.61 in the butt. 

It was kind of an awesome run really. :D And that's with me still off my allergy medicine and somewhat breathing impaired. It's been ages since I got the Secret Runner Society smile from other runners (I don't know why, it's like everyone around here got kind of introverted or something) but I did today, twice. Same two guys both times -- they were running a different loop around the lake. 

As expected, the allergist appointment didn't interfere with running at all, though it did take almost two hours (because there's a fair amount of down time waiting to react to the allergens). We got home at almost a normal time and it was a beautiful evening to be out for a run (though maybe a little warm). I'm going to be starting allergy shots next week. I'm not at all surprised to be allergic to dust but rather bummed to be allergic to tree pollen. I love trees.

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. Weather is not supposed to be rainy but it is supposed to be hot and humid. Whether or not I'm on the road will probably be dictated by when I get out. Goal for the run: Keep Best-Besting!! :D

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