Thursday, June 25, 2015

Run Sixty-Five: Plans Changed

I did wind out running after all. Which was
cool but not awesome. 

Patrick and I went to the gym together yesterday -- we thought we were going to be talking to the trainer there about getting a personalized fitness program for each of us, but (due to a miscommunication with the girl at the gym) we weren't able to. Apparently we need to sign up for that days in advance. So we're signed up for *next* week's design your own program session and we went on the treadmills instead. 

I wasn't really prepared for the treadmill -- until we were actually on the treadmills, I thought we were going to be trying to figure out their 30 minute circuit machines thing -- so I didn't have my phone, or a towel, or headphones so I could listen to music or watch TV. I just felt a little behind the eight-ball. 

Maybe the lack of other things to think about is part of why I felt so crampy in my calves and hamstrings (not just fatigue buildup) and winded. 

Another contributing factor for the crampy and winded is that I started out faster than I have been -- I usually ease into things and save my highest speeds for the last few minutes rather than starting out fast. I tried it the other way yesterday and I can't say it was a success. 

(A third contributing factor is that I've been swamped at work and haven't kept my head up enough to remember to drink water during the day -- so I was probably a little dehydrated when I started.)

On the other hand, I did pretty well, so I can't say it was a total failure either. And it was super cool having Patrick with me, so I'm actually pretty pleased!

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. The weather is supposed to be stormy and Patrick may be going to the gym with me. So I'll almost certainly be in the gym. Goal for the run -- improve! No cramps!

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