Monday, June 22, 2015

Run Sixty-Four: Rushed and running fast (for me)!

Best-best!! And I still have a cold! Woot! 
This is one of my tiny incremental improvements -- a best-best by one one-hundredth of a mile and three seconds per mile. I'm starting to feel a little like Sergey Bubka, the Soviet (later Ukrainian) pole vaulter in the 80s and 90s, incrementally breaking my own records one tiny little bit at a time. Only less awesome. I suppose personal records are meant to be broken, right? 

It was a really good run, though I felt a little rushed about it. We had friends coming over this evening after my run for boardgames and I wanted to have time to sweat off and get cleaned up. As it was, it worked out fine -- I got home about the same time one of the friends did, had dinner, then took a shower while folks were chatting and getting the game set up. But I think the nervous "rush rush rush" energy helped me keep going pretty well. 

I was going at 4.7 miles an  hour almost always when I was running, with one or two little 5.0 mph kicks at the ends. Mostly 4.7 though. I was walking at 3.7 most of the time too -- because my walking pace is speeding up pretty nicely as well. :D 

Anyway, despite my lingering cold and congestion and the rushiness of it, I did really well and felt really, really good! I love this!

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. I'll definitely be at the gym, as Patrick and I are going to the gym together and are going to be getting started with the trainer there. I'm not sure how much time will be spent running as opposed to working with the trainer on a personalized strength routine. I'd like to do at least *some* running, of course. I just don't know what to expect, though. Goal for whatever it is: Approach with gusto and get sweaty!

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