Saturday, June 13, 2015

Run Sixty: Oh, yeah!! :D

Check out that distance!! And that average pace!
Shit howdy! 
I was on the treadmill today, because it was in the 90s with a ton of humidity in the middle of the day, which is when I went for my run. We'd already gotten up a good sweat with a walk earlier in the day as well -- we went to a local mall that has a rectangular layout.

We usually do one lap at speed when we arrive, which is a mile (according to the website). We actually did a lap and at least a third before we slowed down. My husband, Patrick, who has always walked a lot faster than me for as long as we've known each other, was setting the pace . I think he was trying to see if he'd be able to get ahead of me, but I kept up the whole way, even when he increased the pace. Toward the very end, he got way ahead of me at some stairs and I had to run for a few steps to catch up, but he wasn't out-walking me. I'm almost as pleased about that as about being able to hike again. 

Anyway, we did well over one lap (closer to one and a half) at around 3.5 miles an hour. We strolled another couple of laps after that.

All of that was before I went for my run. 

My run was incredibly awesome -- I ran light and fast (for me). I ended my two big running stretches (because I do walk in the middle) at 5 miles an hour for  a minute or two, which felt wonderful. I was walking faster as well. And I went farther and faster than I ever have before, by a respectable amount (not just nibbling at it). It was just pure awesome, is what it was.
Between the walking and the running and a fairly light dinner and lunch, we even got frozen yogurt for dessert after dinner. :D I'm digging a tropical mix lately -- coconut and mango yogurt with sliced strawberries and mochi on top. Super-summery! 

Next run is scheduled for Monday. It appears there's a chance of thunderstorms  (which is pretty common here in the summer), so whether I'm on the treadmill or the road will depend on whether those thunderstorms actually happen here. Goal for the run: I think I've generally been achieving a "be awesome" goal, so I'll shoot for that. :D 

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