Saturday, June 27, 2015

Run Sixty-Six: Early morning run and getting organized for strength training

Early morning (relatively speaking) runs are
a ton of fun. :D
Patrick and I played hooky from work yesterday (well, we arranged it with work on Thursday) and got all of our weekend errands done -- so today we were able to sleep in and relax all day. I woke up before Patrick did  and went for a run first thing in the morning while he was still sleeping. It was nice. I went to the gym because it's been raining all day. 

It was a good run, though not a best-best. I felt good and ran well. I loved being up early and getting moving before I did anything else. That was probably the coolest part! 

Another thing we did yesterday was go to the gym for the "design your own program" thing that we'd wanted to do on Wednesday. The poor trainer had three newbies in the group so we didn't wind out getting through everything in the one session. We've got like *half* a program now. We're going to meet up with him again on Monday evening and finish getting our individualized programs. We hope. If not we'll try to get into the group with a different trainer on Wednesday. 

(There was a lot of back and forth and a bit of stress over Patrick being able to do the design your own program yesterday -- Planet Fitness doesn't have anything like family memberships, so I have a membership that lets me bring a guest (Patrick). That made sense to us because Patrick doesn't drive, so he's not getting there without me. But guests aren't supposed to be able to do the design your own program thing. We talked them into letting him participate on Friday, but it's not at all clear whether or not he'll be able to finish the class if we can't get the trainer we were working with to finish up on Monday. And he only has half a program. He's the one who really needs it -- and really needs the trainer's help -- because he has a bad back and shoulder.)

Our plan for now is to continue going three times a week. We have a lot of stuff going on in our evenings, so we're going to aim for about an hour of exercising time each time. I want to start with strength training, but I don't want to stop running -- so I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do. I'm thinking of doing their 30-minute circuit set up followed by a 20 minute run once a week. But that's not decided. 

Strength training is going to be tough at first -- we really didn't do much exercising yesterday (just enough for the trainer to decide what weight we should be lifting) and I'm sore. I blame the push-ups. Which are *evil*.  We're supposed to do three 12 rep sets and I doubt I can do more than one or two push-ups without face planting. (Patrick advises me to angle my head down so I land on my forehead rather than my face.) 

Anyway, that's the future -- today's run went well and I felt really good.

Next run (or next workout) is scheduled for Monday -- in keeping with the theme of the last week or so, I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen. I'm hoping that we'll be working with the trainer, which means that I won't get to run much more than to warm up for the strength training. Goal for the workout -- be awesome. :D 

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