Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Run Seventy: Deliberately kept it kinda easy

I kept it around 4.3 mph for most of my
running, because I wanted to take a little
I had thought that I might do the circuit-weight thing at the gym tonight rather than running, but when we got there I decided I'd run after all. I didn't want to push too hard though -- my legs are still tired and I seem a little more easily winded than I was a few weeks ago (in my long-ago heyday of 2.78 miles in my usual 40 minute run). It just seemed like the right thing to do, I guess.  

I've been simultaneously pushing awfully hard when I've been working out -- trying to push the pace every time, trying to increase the distance every time. But at the same time, I've been walking more rather than less, so to try and keep my distances up (and increasing), I've been pushing myself to walk uncomfortably fast, even when I'm warming up and cooling down. I think I'm outstripping the meager little base of fitness and strength I have (so far). 

(That's not even getting into how I'm totally ignoring my upper body, which is starting to feel unbalanced. But that's a different issue.) 

Anyway, I took it a little easy this evening and it was good -- I felt good while running, I wasn't watching the clock, and it was nice not to be pressuring myself about distance. I ran at a comfortable speed and walked at a comfortable speed and that was nice. 

Next run/workout is scheduled for Saturday -- I'm either going to do the circuit-weight thing or spend the time on the elliptical machine. A change will be nice. Of course, I thought that today as well, so it's always possible that I'll change my mind and run. Goal: Feel good, do well, sweat a lot!

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