Monday, July 13, 2015

Run Seventy-One: I think I just did an interval workout!

Not a best-best, but the best I've done in close
to two weeks, so I'm *pleased*. 
I think I did something like an "interval" workout today, at least for a few minutes. I was having a good but slightly frustrating run -- it's like all the endurance I've gained is just kind of fizzling out on me or something, which is kind of ticking me off. 

I have a hypothesis about this: The decline in my endurance (breathing-wise) started about when I started taking allergy shots for my chronic, perpetual dust (and other stuff) allergies. It seems possible that the shots are making me more sensitive to that, so my lungs are a bit more twitchy. I'll try to remember to ask my allergist about it next time I see him. 

In the absence of a lot of endurance, I decided to try something else today -- I went for as long as I could running, then walked as needed, then ran when I could for the first 25 minutes of my running time. For the last five minutes, I did something I've never done before: I ran faster than I ever have before (5.7 miles an hour or faster) for one minute, then walked at about 3.7 miles an hour (which is about as I can comfortably sustain) for one minute, then went fast for a minute, then walked, then went fast. 

I could probably have gone even faster for a shorter time, but I wouldn't have been able to keep it up for a minute, I don't think. Next time I'll see if I can go even faster. Or maybe do a minute fast and only 30 seconds of walking. Or something. 

That was really cool and left me feeling like I'd really worked out, which is utterly awesome! :D

Next workout is scheduled for Wednesday -- I might do the circuit thing on Wednesday, with higher weights and pushing myself a little more, because cool stuff is going on this weekend and I won't be able to. Goal for the workout is to rock the awesome! 

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