Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Runs Sixty-Seven and Sixty-Eight: Inexplicably Tired Legs

Monday's run, like Monday's child, was absolutely
beautiful. I didn't excel myself running, but it was a
delightful night. 
I did run on Monday -- it was a beautiful evening and I was out on the road and it was lovely. I'm in a bit of a slump right now as far as speed and endurance, my legs just seem kind of tired. Or something. Anyway, it was a delightful run. Then when I got home, Patrick told me that ants had gotten into the pantry and we needed to go get ant traps. We also needed to spend much of the evening cleaning the *heck* out of everything in there (and throwing out some stuff that had ants in it). So I never got a chance to post Monday night. 

(For the record, our efforts appear to have helped -- we have noticeably fewer ants now. Hooray for good cleaning and ant traps.)

I was going to post on Tuesday, but was crazy busy at work all day, then we had a friend over (sort of -- we spent the evening with him on Skype) in the evening until bedtime. I suppose I could have today, but by that point it made as much sense to wait until I could post about both Monday and today.

I did things a little differently on the treadmill
today -- shorter stretches of both running and
walking. Probably about the same total
running time. 
Today's run was on the treadmill -- Patrick went with me and spent his time on the elliptical machine. It went quite well. Once again, it wasn't a best-best, though it wasn't bad, but it was better than I was expecting given how draggy I've been all week.

Which brings me back to the theme of the post: My legs have been really tired, occasionally crampy and just kind of flat feeling since last Wednesday. I'm not at all sure what's up with that. It doesn't feel like anything's exactly wrong -- no joints hurt, no muscles feel strained. I've heard of baseball pitchers going through "dead arm" periods when they just can't muster the velocity and "stuff" they're capable of. I don't think this is that dramatic, but my legs are just *tired*.

Maybe it's just that I'm tired. We've had a busy week. Fortunately we have Friday off from work because of the 4th of July (observed), so we'll get an extra day of rest.

Because of having Friday off we're going to be going to the gym on Friday. We're planning/hoping to be able to hook up with the trainer we worked with last Friday so we can get the rest of our individual programs. Depending on how hard we work and what we do in addition to working with Jose, I may count that as Saturday's exercise/run.

Next run will either be Friday, Saturday or Monday. Running on Monday is definite, no matter what happens with the other days. I won't miss that one. Otherwise, I really can't predict very well because I don't know what's going to happen. Whenever it is, my goal is to do my best -- hopefully I'll pull out of this tired legs thing, otherwise I'll just do the best I can. 

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