Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Workout Three: 30 minute circuit again

I've got to do something about better pictures for when I do strength training
rather than running. 
I did the 30 minute circuit at the gym this evening, after 15 minutes of warm-up and cardio on the elliptical machine. It was a great workout and I feel awesome. A little sore (in only good ways), which I wanted (because I had a sense I was being too easy on myself doing the 30 minute workout before).

I'm not sure I'm doing the elliptical right -- which is kind of weird (and lame) because there aren't many different ways to do it. I mean you get on, push start, start going. There's not a huge range of different motions possible. But I'm still not sure I'm doing it exactly right. It seems to work my quads *really* hard. It's possible to go backward on one so maybe I'm going backwards and not realizing it. (Patrick says it works his quads when he's going backwards and he uses the elliptical for preference.) I dunno. I like it and it's a great 15 minutes of cardio, but I do think I'm doing it wrong. Or something. 

I was willing to push the weights some on the circuit tonight -- I think I've been being too conservative and cautious and need to push myself a bit harder weights-wise -- but the machines on the circuit have 15 pound increments on the weights. Seriously?? What's up with that?? That's a huge jump -- 30 pounds was too light for me to really feel like I was working on some exercises, but I couldn't possibly move 45 pounds for a whole minute. I may need to try part of the time at the lighter weight, then raise it and finish at the higher weight. 

Actually, though, what's really happening is that Patrick and I are each working out a strength training program for ourselves. We'd love to get professional assistance from a professional, but what with one thing and another (and the awesome customer service of a lady we've come to call "Judy Who Says No"), that's proving challenging. In place of that, we're doing what we do: we got a bunch of books from the library, found an awesome website for Sports Trainers and Other Professional Exercising People (, gotten information about all of the machines available to us at the gym (because neither of us feels ready for free weights) and are figuring out a starting point for ourselves. 

We're working independently on this -- we're sharing information but weighting it differently, I think. And we're also responding to our own sense of ourselves and what we need and want. So while we're doing this together, we're not moving in lock-step. Which is good because this is not a situation where the same solution would work for both of us. 

I want to eventually get to free weights, but for now the machines  a) are less intimidating, b) will give me "starter muscles" with which I can move around free weights without hurting myself, and c) are less intimidating. (That's a big deal.) I know how to work the machines -- and the ones I don't know yet have handy instructions RIGHT THERE to look at. And a diagram to show you which muscles you should be working. Very convenient. 

We're currently thinking of two days a week of strength training and Saturdays for cardio -- which gives us the flexibility to go for a hike, or to a museum, or do something exciting (that will be an alternate to a run or a trip on the elliptical) on the weekend. At least that's the current plan. 

We're probably not going to actually start for a week or so, which just gives me time to refine my plan. :D

Next run/workout is scheduled for Saturday. I believe I'm going to be running on the road, unless things go differently from what I'm expecting. Goal for the run: See if the (little bit of) strength training I've done so far makes a difference. 

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