Thursday, January 7, 2016

Workout 65 was vexing

Patrick had to work late on Monday, so our plan to start out one week free trial at the Sport Fit (a new gym near home) had to be delayed. I wound out exercising by myself at a different Planet Fitness from our "home" gym.

I've worked out at this other Planet Fitness before -- it's not a bad place, though it's considerably more compact than our usual one. I don't know that it has been more crowded as far as the machine-to-person ratio, it's just seemed like it because there's a lot less open space.

On Monday evening, between the compactness of the gym and the New Year's Resolution people at the gym (I shall call them "Resolutionaries") it was jammed. Almost no treadmills were free for my 10 minutes of cardio warmup time and the ones that were free needed rebooting. Same with the elliptical machines.

I wound out on an Arc Glider, which totally sucked. All the quad abuse of the elliptical without nearly as much calorie burn or benefit.

It didn't help at all that I was really jammed for time and stressed out about it. I was so short on time (because I didn't want to make Patrick wait for me in the cold at the Metro station) that I wound out doing the 30-minute circuit at Planet Fitness rather than what I wanted to be doing.

I was reminded why I don't like their 30-minute circuit very much -- 15lb weight intervals on the machines. It is very easy to fall into an unhappy valley where one weight is too high to move for a whole minute (or any substantial portion thereof) and the next weight down is too light to be accomplishing anything.

And my back hasn't felt quite right since.


So that's all I have to say about that workout.

Next workout is scheduled for tonight: With any luck at all, we'll be going to the Sport Fit to start our free trial week. I'll be doing Workout J#5 and I have high hopes that it will go well. Goal for the workout: Do it well and smoothly in the new gym.

I hope that Sport Fit isn't completely clotted up with Resolutionaries as well.

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