Sunday, January 17, 2016

Racquetball Lesson!

I found this picture on the web, so it's copyright someone else, not mine at all. 
Patrick and I had a lesson with the Mike the racquetball pro at our new gym on Saturday. We did this in lieu of our normal workout -- Patrick's normal Saturday workout is a cardio workout and I'm between phases and was happy to do something new. We spent about an hour and a half learning racquetball from Mike.

He did a good job of sharing both the fun of the game and some basic fundamentals of it as well. We started by just hitting the ball to the front wall and taking turns hitting the ball. We learned a little bit about serving and keeping score and played a sort of a game (sort of because we were playing with easy newbie rules where we were allowed extra bounces) to five points.

When we managed to keep a volley going for a few exchanges he started talking about grip on the raquet and forehand swing form and backhand swing form and so on. I think he had us move on from hitting the ball in a sort of pseudo-game when we were on a high note.

He then had us doing drills -- trying to hit a square (4'x4') on the front wall with our forehand and then our backhand.

My goals for the workout were: a) don't get hit in the face and b) work up a good sweat. I totally succeeded at working up a good sweat. We played pretty hard and well and had a good time. I did get hit in the face by the ball -- fortunately it's pretty squishy hollow rubber so it didn't hurt at all. :D So I'm willing to consider it mostly a success anyway.

It's interesting the extent that safety is built into the rules of the game -- it is in the rules that players have to wear safety goggles. The court is marked with a "safety zone" so that the server won't accidentally be hit by the player returning/receiving the serve.

I hope we'll be doing this again -- I had a lot of  fun and would love to do that more. They rent racquets and balls at the gym and Mike said that perfectly serviceable beginner set can be bought for about $35.

Our next workout is scheduled for Monday. I've been figuring out my Phase 6 workouts -- Workouts K and L - and tomorrow will be the walk-through to make sure I know what to expect and what the starting weights should be. Goal for the workout: Work hard while sorting out the two new workouts. :D

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