Monday, September 14, 2015

Run Seventy-Three: No really, a run! :D

I went for a run around the lake this evening --
it was such a beautiful evening! 
Patrick decided to stay home from the gym today on account of still being a bit sore from last week (he's starting to do a "heavy" week every couple of weeks where he'll lift higher weights for fewer reps and he over-did it a bit). It's an incredibly gorgeous evening here -- perfect temperature and sunny and clear -- so I decided to go for a run instead of going to the gym by myself. 

Especially as I'm a little creaky and sore my own self after Saturday's workout -- which didn't seem like that much more than the previous time, but absolutely tied me in knots. I figured it would be fun to run again and see if the weight-lifting is making anything like a difference in my running. I was maybe a little bit disappointed to find that it really didn't make a huge difference. Huh. I'd've figured that stronger legs would be good and the fact that I can deal with the Intervals of Insanity driving my heart rate up over 180 would help. 

Things I learned on this, my first run since July 22: 
  • Running hurts my lungs in ways that lifting, and even the Intervals of Insanity, doesn't. I come home from the gym after a lifting workout absolutely soaked in sweat, having given everything I have to give, but I don't have the hurty-lungs-cough-post-exercise asthma (that I couldn't replicate for the allergist, by the way). One fairly easy run and I do. I'm not sure if it's the sustained work (though going on the elliptical doesn't seem to do it as much) or something about running specifically. Some experimentation might be in order. (Also some looking back over old posts to look for patterns.) 
  • The custom arch support in my right running shoe, which was *fine* when I first started running, is now awful. It was really hampering my running because it felt like I was stepping on a stone in my arch for most of the way. Kind of miserable. I've actually taken it out and replaced it with the one that came with the shoe. 
  • It wasn't as much of an "I'm taking it easy" evening as I expected -- that worked the hell out of my quads and calves -- but I don't feel like I worked nearly as hard in general, all over, as I would have lifting. Despite the fact that my lungs feel awful. 
  • I should have done my usual post-workout stretches and foam rollering because I can practically feel myself tightening up. Sigh.
On the whole, I think the main lesson is that I'm  pretty happily in a weight lifting place right now. When/If I start running again, I definitely need to talk to the allergist about the post-exercise asthma thing because this lung thing is No Fun.

Next workout is scheduled for Wednesday. I expect I'll be lifting again, even if Patrick isn't going to the gym with me. I feel like I get more out of the weights. Goal for the workout -- rock Workout D, don't hurt, be awesome. 

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