Thursday, September 17, 2015

Workout D # 5: Visiting a Strange Gym (Workout 24)

Worked out at a different gym, which always makes it
weird. But it went well. 
I worked out at a different Planet Fitness gym than usual last night (because reasons), which always makes it a little weird -- not in a bad way, necessarily, just in an "I don't know where things are and I don't know these faces and I don't know what the local customs are" kind of way. It worked out better in one important way because I could use the step boxes instead of a treadmill for Step Ups. That was cool. On the other hand, I had to work in a different order (and thought I would have to skip the Coordination Rows altogether) because of a traffic jam at the cable machines.

It was also nice that the dumbbell rack is right near the cable machines at this gym, so I didn't have to take a walk with two 35lb dumbbells.

It was a good workout and I feel great today. I felt great yesterday evening too, which seems to be the norm for me after lifting weights. (That's not really not the norm after running -- after running I'm stiff and creaky for days. I just figured it was normal.)

Yesterday's workout was:

  • Spiderman Plank - 2 x 10 - I was looking at the instructions for these the other day (part of sorting out Workouts E and F) and realized that I've been doing them wrong in a way that's caused most of the slipping problem I've been having with them. I've been doing all the left leg reps, then all the right leg reps. The instructions suggest doing them alternately. Alternately worked a *lot* better because I was able to reset my foot every time and that nipped the slipping right in the bud. I had to focus on keeping my butt down, which makes it a much better workout. Good stuff made even better. 
  • Alternating sets of :
    • Offset-loaded Step Ups - 3 x 10 - I used a 35 lb weight for this for (I think) the first time. I was able to use the step boxes at this other Planet Fitness because they're the allow you to use the step boxes in the 30-minute circuit area even when you're not doing the 30-minute circuit workout. I asked before I started to make sure it would be okay and they seemed surprised that our home gym doesn't allow it. (Judy-who-says-no strikes again, I think.)  
    • Shoulder Presses - 3 x 10 - I'm still using the 20 lb weight that I've been using for weeks (the entirety of Phase 2 and maybe even before) and still feeling like it's almost too much for me. I'm thinking of dropping down to 15lbs for these (or finding a different "push" exercise entirely) for Phase 3 because I'm just not sure I'm getting the right stuff out of this one. The last set I was only able to do 9 with my left arm, but 10 with the right. 
  • Alternating sets of: 
    • Squats - 3 x 10 - I used a pair of 35lb dumbbells for this. I should probably move up, but this still feels good. I was able to work fast, too which really had me feeling like I was firing my quads hard. There was a neat crispness to the movement that I liked. 
    • Kneeling Lat Pulldowns (cable machine) - 3 x 10, 9, 8 - They had different handles to attach to the cable machine at the other gym I was at, so I'm not sure I found the right grip that makes Lat Pulldowns with 72.5lbs feel Just Right. I had the grip that works my triceps more and really reveals the difference in  strength between my (weaker) left arm and (stronger) right. 
  • Coordination Rows (Single-leg, single-arm cable rows) - 2 x 10 - I wound out doing these last (rather than after the Spiderman Planks) because of a traffic jam at the cable machines. I was afraid I wasn't going to have enough room to do them (they take a lot of floor space because I wind out on one leg in a sort of T-shape (one leg out behind me with that arm stretched out in front) connected to the machine by the cable, plus the wobble component of me going off to the sides) but a lot of people had finished their workouts and there was enough free space for me to do my thing in. They really are getting better , though I still really stink at them. I think I used 20 lbs yesterday (because it was either that or 10 the way the weight plates were on that machine), but the weight has always been almost entirely trivial to these, so I'm neither concerned nor jazzed about the change. 
  • Cardio Intervals - 6 x 20:40 Intervals of Insanity - My quads were still pretty beaten up from running (though I've been trying to stretch them out this week at work) so my legs wouldn't let me do another round even though my cardiopulmonary system was doing fine. It was disappointing but that's kind of what I'm running into. I really need to figure out something else to do for the Intervals of Insanity for Phase 3 -- the elliptical just isn't working for that for me any longer. 
It was a good workout and aside from some "I work at a desk and on a computer all day" tightness in my upper back (which is pretty normal for me, especially lately), I feel great. Better than I have since Saturday's kick-my-butt workout.

Which is very happy making. Now I'm in a good frame of mind to buckle down and get my Phase 3 workouts sorted -- I've only got one more time with each of Workouts C and D before it's time to move on and I'm not ready at all.

Next workout is a little up in the air -- it might be Saturday, though if we're going on a hike it won't be (probably, though not certainly). If it's not Saturday it'll be Monday. That's for sure. It'll be the last time with Workout C so my goal is to finish strong!

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