Monday, February 9, 2015

Run Nine: Overjoyed Again!

One of these days I'll have a better picture than
this run log again. :D 
Once again, I've gone way beyond what I thought I could do today. :D I ran both three minute intervals and both 90-second intervals. And I even did them all in the right order, which I think made a difference. The last minute of the second three-minute interval was really hard -- I almost stopped with about thirty seconds left but I just told myself I could do it and kept going until the app said stop. By the time I'd walked out both the 3-minute recovery period from that run and the 5-minute cool down I felt pretty good.

My legs are going to be tired, I can already tell -- I reversed the direction I went around the neighborhood because I observed on Saturday that I was going the easier way. The way I've gone the last couple of times, I'm hitting most of a (very gentle) uphill during the warm-up walk then running weaving around through a (slightly) steeper downhill. I chose to go the harder way today -- running up the steeper hill (still weaving around all the little cul de sacs) and walking down the gentler one -- because it seems like a good idea to mix things up. 

What all that means is: I ran all of the intervals, including two three-minute intervals going the (relatively) hard way. :D

I was a little nervous because I had a bout with exercise-induced asthma after running on Saturday (can I just say that I'm really looking forward for warmer weather, the cold's a little tough on me). I really didn't want to do that to my lungs again. Fortunately, some extra layers of warmth on my chest, deliberately breathing through my nose, and a neck gaiter up around my mouth (though not covering it tightly) kept that at bay this time. 

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. It will be the same plan again (third day at week 3 level) and I know I can do it. (Which is just astonishingly cool, by the way.) So my goal for the run is to try and run farther -- I did 0.6 miles today. I want to beat that. 

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