Saturday, February 28, 2015

Food Prepping: Week Four

This week's ingredients: Roma tomatoes, a bell pepper, an onion, mushrooms,
teeny tomatoes, a can of canellini beans, spinach, arugula, and kale.
Not shown: some 2% milk and various seasonings and stuff. 
I've got *most* of this week's food prepping done, but not quite all of it. I did manage to avoid getting in the way of dinner this week. So having one thing left to do tomorrow is definitely for the best. (Also, I wanted to go for my run, so I didn't want to take another half hour or more.)

As usual, this food prepping is (mostly) for me -- it lets me get more vegetables in my diet without taking away (in important ways) from what my husband, Patrick, and I have together. What I aim to prep is: an interesting salad for at least 4 lunches (it will replace a half-serving of our usual leftovers), something to replace my bowl of cereal at breakfast, something to replace one (of three) fish patties when we have fish a couple of times a week, and (maybe) a snack. 

What I made. 
This week I have:
  • Marinated White Bean Salad -- the four jars have the white beans marinating in a vinaigrette, some sliced onion, and some teeny tomatoes. The four flat containers next to it have (mostly) arugula and some spinach. At lunch, the jar of salad fixin's gets dumped over the greens.
  • Spinach and Mushroom "Gratin" -- In the rectangular dish in the middle I have what is almost certainly a very light gratin of mushrooms and spinach with a bit of a milky sauce. This is two servings and is my fish replacer. 
  • Baked Eggs with Vegetables -- this will have some assembly required every morning. The two round dishes on the right have some roasted vegetables (onion and red pepper in the top one, tomatoes in the bottom) for this. (This is veggies for four servings.) In the mornings, vegetables and an egg (and some parmesan cheese) will go into a ramekin and bake until the egg is done nicely. (I did this back in my first week of food prepping like this and it worked out just fine.)
I haven't yet made the Kale Chips -- tomorrow I'll cut up the kale, massage some oil into the surface, and roast it into kale chips. I've done this before as well and they're a very nice snack. They're also dead simple. But they will have to be worked around slow roasting a pork butt, which is what we're doing for dinner (and leftovers for lunches for the week).

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