Monday, July 6, 2015

Run Sixty-Nine: Felt Really Good!

Didn't get an accurate distance -- this is a guess.
But the main thing is that it felt good. :D
Friday, Patrick and I did a circuit training thing at the gym -- with just enough cardio (on the elliptical) to warm up before we did it. We were working with the trainer and it felt *great*. I just loved it. We then spent the weekend relaxing, hanging out, playing board games, watching baseball, and just having a wonderful holiday weekend. 

We basically didn't *move* Saturday and Sunday, so by this morning I was itching to get up and get moving. I spent the whole day looking forward to getting to the gym. 

It didn't disappoint either -- I didn't have anything like a best run (still not sure what's up with that) but I felt really good. My legs were a little crampy,  though they don't feel as dead and tired as they were last week. At least not right now, we'll see how I feel tomorrow. 

Regardless of how my legs feel, I think I'm going to feel really good about having gone today. I needed that something fierce. And I can't even begin to say how cool it is that two days of pretty much not moving had me craving a workout and a sweat and a nice intense run. 

Love it! 

Next workout is scheduled for Wednesday. I'm not sure if we're planning on the circuit thing again or if we're going to do cardio again. That's going to depend some on how Patrick's back and shoulder feel, I reckon. We don't have to go in lock-step, of course, but I loved that 30-minute circuit thing so if he's feeling up to it, I'm definitely going to want to do that again. If he's not feeling up to it, I'll definitely run. Goal for the run: Try to get back to awesome, darn it. 

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