Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Run Fifty-One: The Road Was Wonderful!

Best Pace!! It wasn't a best distance only because I
didn't go for another 30 seconds.
I'm starting to feel like the Black Lab in one of our favorite Onion Articles ("Dog Experiences Best Day of His Life for 400th Consecutive Day") -- every run is pretty much awesome every time. I think I've had two that were not-awesome. And a small handful that were merely good. 

That's very cool! :D

I'm actually really surprised that I didn't go further tonight, though I will say that I matched my best distance with 30 seconds fewer on the clock. I sort of lost a bit of the thread with my five minute cool-down (the one on the clock) -- normally I keep up a bit of a head of steam for that (then cool down for real after I stop this clock) but today I forgot. If I'd remembered, I would probably have gone further and had an even better average pace.

No matter -- because it felt great. I ran way further without stopping (like I couldn't believe it!), had a wonderful kick of speed at the end, and felt really really great the whole way. The weather was beautiful and the birdies were singing and the lake was pretty. I got to be part of the Secret Runner Society with lots of other runners out on the road. And my wonderful husband is making us a delicious dinner as I type, so soon I will have food.

It's a great evening!

Next run would ordinarily be scheduled for Saturday, but we're planning on a hike out in the Appalachians so I'll be doing that instead. Unless something goes weird with our hiking plans. In which case, I'll be running. But I'm really hoping for the hike.

So the next run is really scheduled for Monday. Whether I'm on the road or in the gym will probably depend on when I go. We have the day off, so I'll have more flexibility than usual. If I get up and go out early, it'll be road. Otherwise, probably gym as it's supposed to be around 90 and very humid.

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