Monday, May 25, 2015

Run Fifty-Two: Best Pace and Distance!! :D :D

I thought I'd gone well, but not *that* well!
Patrick and I went on a long hike (just a squish shy of seven miles) on Saturday. It was awesome but pretty rugged -- we went up to a mountain ridge with a nice view both east and west. It was a lot of fun, though I did get my first ever injury on the trail. (I stepped on a stick and wound out with it jabbing into my shin.) Fortunately we both carry first aid kits, so Patrick doctored me up on the trail and it appears to be just fine. Anyway, minor boo-boo aside, it was a great hike. Once again, I did really well as far as endurance and go-up-hill-ability. Delightful!! 
Us at the top of our hike on Saturday. The little guy on Patrick's
shoulder is Wilson the Bison. He's our adventuring companion
 and traveling buddy.

Anyway, after our awesome hike on Saturday, I decided to go to the treadmill today rather than run on the street. My feet and legs are a little sore from the hike and I wasn't sure how the cut on my leg would react to the pressure of running (as far as bleeding through/around the bandage I have on it). I didn't want to wind out a mile from home with my leg bleeding or my foot going gimpy.

I wasn't expecting for it to go as well as it did. I mean seriously, y'all!! I was thinking that I'd have a serviceable run -- getting out there and doing more than nothing at all. Instead I got a totally unexpected Best Pace and Distance!! :D Woo hoo!! I did a lot of running at 4.5 miles an hour and a lot of walking at 3.5 mph. That's awesome!!

And I felt really good the whole way -- I didn't have any trouble with my the cut on my leg (or the sort of latent blister on my foot) or anything. Awesomeness!

Next run is scheduled for Wednesday. I expect, based on the weather reports, that I'll be in the gym on the treadmill. Goal for the run: Keep getting better and keep feeling *awesome* about it!!

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