Saturday, May 2, 2015

Run Forty-four: That was great!

Best Pace AND Distance!! *happy dance*
Today's run was *awesome*!! Best pace AND distance!! (I deleted the one with the seriously wonky and non-comparable numbers so I was comparing apples to apples going forward.) Not by just a little bit either -- at least by my standards -- that's 5/100ths of a mile further and ten seconds less per mile than my previous best pace and distance. :D 

(Since I normally go up by 1/100th of a mile at a time, this is a huge jump.)

I ran for 10 minutes mostly straight (I took a couple of 20 or 30 second walk breaks), then walked and ran for the other 20 minutes of running time as I felt able. I ran for the last minute or two of the 30 minutes as well, so I finished good. My lungs feel good and I haven't coughed since getting home. It was just awesome all around. 

I also saw an American Goldfinch and a Catbird while I was running, which was cool. They're both common (but not ubiquitous like Robins, Starlings, and English Sparrows), but they're both pretty and cool to see. 

It was just amazingly awesome in all ways! 

And now my wonderful husband is making us Cubano sandwiches and some sort of potato dish for dinner. Life is good!! 

Next run is scheduled for Monday. If the weather forecast is accurate, I'll be on the road again. Goal for the run: Do it again!! :D 

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