Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Run Forty: 4.3 miles an hour was even better!

Best pace and distance on the treadmill! 
I had so much fun going 4.0 miles an hour on Monday that I wanted to see if I could go even faster today. The answer is that apparently I can!! :D I went 4.3 miles an hour for 10 minutes, then another two at 4.0. I walked for a while (13 minutes or so) then went back to running at 4.3 for a while. I even pushed out two minutes at 4.5 mph to finish!! 

The faster speeds felt *so* much better than the slower speeds I've been going! My calves didn't cramp at all and even my thighs felt better. That was much closer to the flying, floating feeling of my dreams of running -- relatively smooth and not a slow, awkward shuffle. I'll get to running like the wind someday. :D 

That was just so much fun!! :D

I eventually started walking because I was breathing really hard and I didn't want to get too winded because once the coughing and wheezing starts it's really hard for me to get my breath back. Because of that, I maybe don't push as much as some other folks do -- I'm hoping that persistent gentle pressure will get my aerobic performance better without the nasty cough. I'm also hoping that when I see my doctor next week he'll be able to make some suggestions. 

Next run is schedule for Saturday. I'll likely be at the gym again -- mostly because the weather is supposed to be stinky but partly because that was so much fun I want to do it again. :D Goal for the run: How long can I go at 4.5 mph, I wonder? :D

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