Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Run Thirty-Three: Treadmill win!!

Treadmill, but it went well. 
It was rainy tonight, so I was back in the gym on the treadmill. I really wasn't feeling like working too hard at my run -- we had a busy whirlwind of a long weekend visiting my family (driving a day and a half each way to spend two days of crazy busy there) and I've been exhausted all day. 

I never really thought about not going for a run, but I didn't want to do anything too hard. And running on the road is definitely more physically tiring. 

The treadmill went well -- that's not my best overall pace and distance, but it is my best treadmill distance (the time is slightly off because of an app fail -- this was actually in the same 40 minutes I've been doing) by a  tenth of a mile. I ran for fifteen minutes at 3.5 mph, ten at 3.7 mph, and five at 3.9 mph. That 3.9 is my fastest treadmill speed ever. So I did well. And yet it felt pretty easy while I was doing it. (Well, that last five minutes was pretty tough.)

We're going to a baseball game tomorrow (go, Nationals!!), so next run is scheduled for Thursday. Given that the weather is supposed to be the same as today (rainy) only colder (mid-50s F), I'll likely be on the treadmill again. Goal for the run: Do better than today -- either more time at 3.9 mph or start at 3.6 and step up from there.

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