Saturday, June 6, 2015

Run Fifty-Seven: Skin on the Sidewalk

Different app, same stats. Not a best-best, even
on the road.
My mom and dad read this blog, so I'm going to start with the reassurance -- I'm fine and all is totally well.

Having removed some of the drama from the narrative, alas, I'll go back to the beginning: I got my first ever running injury today. It's only two weeks after my first ever hiking injury. I'm starting to suspect that innate klutziness may be why I was not especially encouraged to be a physically active kid.

Serious road rash. Wah! 
Anyway, I had about 45 seconds left of running time and was getting tired, but excited to Go As Fast As Possible for those last 45 seconds.

I got two or three steps into that, just enough to get up a good head of momentum, and tripped over a bit of uneven pavement. I went absolutely arse over teakettle, rolled and skidded on the sidewalk.  I got up and continued went home, but didn't push myself to go as fast during my final five minutes of walking (on the clock) as I would have.

Which is a bummer, I was at the end of a good run -- I probably wasn't going to beat the 2.68 miles I've done the last couple of times on the treadmill, but might have, but would have beaten both the 2.60 (estimated) miles of my last road run and the 2.58 miles of my last run where the GPS didn't poop out on me.

Ah, well!

I have a feeling I'm going to be a little creaky tomorrow -- among other things, I didn't cool down the way I'm used to. And instead of a post-run snack, I got rubbing alcohol on my leg. (Can I just say that hurts like the devil?? I can't believe we do that to little children when they get skinned knees.)

Next run is scheduled for Monday. I can't imagine this interfering with it. I don't have any idea what the weather is supposed to be, so I don't know if I'll be on the road or the treadmill. Whichever it is my goal is modest this time -- No Injuries! 

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