Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Run Twenty-eight: I finished C25K!!

Not awesome. But apparently I did okay.
Way way back at the beginning of February, before Run Six, I was strangely anxious and worried and really nervous about running. I went anyway, and it went very poorly. This evening, I had a similar strange anxiety before running -- just nervous and weirdly reluctant and worried about it. Fortunately, the outcome was different this time. The run didn't go wonderfully today, I don't think I made any of my goals for the run, but I did way better than I thought I would. 

I had some bad cramps in my calves (particularly the right calf) for the first eight minutes of running and wound out walking for a bit. When I got back to running after a few minutes, the cramps had pretty much resolved and I was able to keep going. I took another couple minute walk break a bit later and wound out finishing strong. 

Given how weird I felt beforehand, I'll take that as a pretty good outcome. 

And I only missed at least matching my best distance by one one-hundredth of a mile. (I think I must have made the walking time up by walking pretty fast during warm up and cool down.) 

The other big thing from this evening was that this was the last of the "programmed" runs from the C25K app. I have now finished the program!! *does happy dance* :D 

On the other hand, I still can't run for 30 minutes straight and I haven't even gotten close to going 3.1 miles. 

My plan for now, going forward, is to get up to actually running for all 30 minutes. 

Once I've done that, I'll see what kind of distance I'm covering with that and be able to decide what to do. I know there's a 5Kto10K app by the same people who did this one, but I don't know that I'm especially interested in 10K right now (not writing it out forever, just not right now). I've seen an "Improving your 5K" app somewhere that might be just the thing. The British National Health Service has three structured runs as a follow on program for C25K graduates. (Podcasts, not apps, so no route tracking, though I could have a different app do that part.)

Anyway, once I've gotten so I'm running for 30 minutes, with no breaks, I'll explore these options.

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. I suspect I'm going to be on the treadmill again due to the weather. (This spring is coming in tiny little fits and starts.) Goal for the run: Run for all 30 minutes. 

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