Saturday, March 21, 2015

Run Twenty-six: Good stuff, wedged into a busy couple of days

Best distance. And on the treadmill. :D :D 
I actually did this run on the treadmill yesterday evening, but haven't had a chance to post in the last 24 hours. 

Normally, I would run on Saturday, but we were planning a trip into Washington, DC to go to some museums (and to go to a specific pizza place for lunch). I knew we'd be doing a *lot* of walking around to get to museums, to get to the restaurant, and then around in the museums at the exhibits we wanted to see. Between wanting to get to the museum when they opened and not wanting to walk a bunch of miles after running, going last night just made the most sense. (Though not without its problems -- we have friends over every Friday, so I came home to guests and was busy right until bedtime.) 

Anyway, the run last night was very good -- I beat my best distance ever. 

I didn't quite make my goal in some ways but I did in others. The program for the run was 30 minutes with no breaks. I wanted to a) run 30 minutes with no breaks; (b) run at least 7 minutes at 3.8 mph; (c) run at least 11 minutes at 3.5. I did take a two minute walk break, so I failed at (a). However, I went 8 minutes at 3.8 and I went 12 minutes at 3.5. So I succeeded at (b) and (c).

Most importantly, I'm still improving and it felt great. :D

It is much harder mentally when I run on the treadmill -- it's like I don't have anything to think about or focus on so I obsess about time and watch the clock and feel every bit of tired in my legs. On the other hand, there are no hills so I can run longer. 

I'm really looking forward to my next run outside -- unfortunately that's not looking like it's going to be my next run on Monday. Monday is supposed to be in the 40s (which is around my "lung ache" threshold). 

Next run is scheduled for Monday. The program is 30 minutes with no stops. Goal for the run: Improve on yesterday -- run for 30 minutes with no walk breaks, go for more than 8 minutes at 3.8, go for more than 12 minutes at 3.5. 

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