Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Run Twenty-Two: Road Again

I went around the loop in the other direction.
It didn't help with the hills.
It was nice again this evening so I abandoned my plans for a run on the treadmill and went out on the road instead. Once again, I didn't even get close to going for 25 minutes, though I did better than Monday. I'm thinking I need to step back a bit and do Weeks 5 and 6 again on the road because the road is *so* much different from the treadmill. (There are hills, y'all!!)

I tried doing the loop near my house in the other direction than I did the other day -- I figured that would break up one of the long uphill stretches. It's possible that it was a little better -- but it wasn't a miracle cure either. There is no way to avoid ups and downs on this loop. Which is actually, probably, good.

I never considered not running today, but I dithered long and hard over treadmill vs. road. I wasn't totally feeling like running -- just felt a little meh and poky -- and I couldn't decide which would be better. Until I got outside and saw how gorgeous it was.

Once I got out there and going, it was pretty good, though not as brilliant as some of the runs I've had on the treadmill.

Next run is scheduled for Saturday. It is almost certainly going to be on the treadmill because Week 8 is 28 minutes and if I can't do 25 on the road, I sure as heck can't do 28. It's also supposed to be raining and ucky out. Goal for the run -- go for 28 minutes. Do as  much as possible at 3.5 or more miles per hour. If it is nice out and I run outside, I'll probably go back to one of the week six days -- like eight and five and eight with breaks. That might have me running more than knowing I'm not going to be able to do all of 28 minutes..

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